Running natively
“The same input must lead to the same output on all platforms”
 Does it sounds good to you too? We hope so. In any case, AiW is THE TOOL that might boost your developments’ competitive advantage. Talking about mobile platforms, in release 1.0 we plan to include the framework for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. [Read More]

2-Giu-16 2:36:09 CEST

Mornin’ Alice…
We created our own native cross-platform real-time 3D rendering engine and framework which we named AiW. We especially want to highlight the “native cross-platform framework” thing, because this is where our product substantially differentiates from all other off-the-shelf rendering engines. As a framework, AiW can be integrated both into new or pre-existing native applications, bringing [Read More]

20-Mag-16 11:55:14 CEST